Minnesota Needs A Climate Champion


JOIN US! Tell Gov. Walz that Minnesotans expect stronger leadership to protect our land, our water, and our climate

Minnesotans care for each other and our air, water, lands and climate. We need our governor to live up to our values and be a Climate Champion. Yet Gov. Walz is falling short of the mark. 

As one of the fastest warming states in the country, Minnesota needs bold climate action more than most. Not so long ago we were a national leader on climate policy, doing our part to protect our communities and our planet and preparing our state to make the most of the clean energy economy of the future. Now we’ve fallen off track.

Gov. Walz has made progress in some areas, but he isn’t providing the leadership the climate crisis demands. Protecting our climate for future generations requires a comprehensive approach, taking full advantage of climate solutions in every sector of our economy. 

We need your help to tell Gov. Walz that there’s still time to get his grades up. Send him a pre-written tweet (or write your own message). If you’d rather deliver a message in person, use our simple click-to-call form and talking points to call the  governor’s office.